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Please note that we only review puppy applications when we have an available litter. If you are interested in a future litter that is not yet available for reservation, please reach out and we can discuss the litter with you and when they will be available for reservation. We look forward to hearing from you!

We encourage those interested in applying for one of our puppies to give our website a good read through. If you still have questions, you can send us a message here and we will get back to you!

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QUESTION:  Can I join a waiting list for an upcoming litter?

ANSWER: We aren't currently running waiting lists so litters will not be available for reservation until after they are born. We will post when a litter is available and then we will begin accepting applications and reservation fees to reserve a puppy pick from the litter.

QUESTION:  Do I get to reserve a specific puppy from the litter?

ANSWER: Puppy picks don't happen until after the puppies are vet checked and temperament tested, which usually happens around seven weeks old. Picks then happen in order of reservation fee. We are happy to help guide you on which puppies will better suite your lifestyle and home.

QUESTION:  Do you dock tails or remove dewclaws?

ANSWER: We do not remove dewclaws or dock tails on any of our puppies. One of the reasons being that our vet clinic is in Alberta, and Alberta had outlawed docking tails, and the other reason being that recent research has shown possible lifelong pain associated with docked tails and removed front dewclaws.

QUESTION:  Is the deposit refundable?

ANSWER: Deposits placed on our puppies are non-refundable. Making our deposits non-refundable encourages buyers to think long and hard about whether one of our puppies is a good fit for them. It also prevents our waiting lists from getting inflated with people who are only window shopping for a puppy, which would give a false impression to serious buyers about availability on a litter. 

QUESTION:  Do you sell puppies with breeding rights?

ANSWER: Our puppies are sold on a strict spay/neuter contract. We are willing to discuss full rights to experienced breeders. Breeding rights will be an additional fee and will only be available to approved programs and only on puppies we deem breeding quality. Full rights puppies will still be sold with a contract.

QUESTION:  Do you ship/deliver puppies?

ANSWER: We do not ship puppies as cargo on planes, but we are willing to deliver to the Saskatoon or Edmonton airport for an additional travel fee so your puppy can fly home in-cabin with you. We usually organize a free delivery day to both Saskatoon and Edmonton for every litter, and other delivery locations can be discussed for an additional fee.  

QUESTION:  What is the price of your puppies?

ANSWER: Different pairings may be priced differently. Pricing on a current litters will likely be posted on the litter's page. Please contact us if you would like to know the pricing of an upcoming litter.

QUESTION:  Do you sell therapy or service puppy prospects?

ANSWER: We are definitely willing to work with organizations or families to find a puppy that has the potential to go into therapy or service training. Service dogs require extensive training, so we encourage families to look for a training organization that can help you. Please look into the service dog requirements for your province. We are also happy to discuss helping you find a therapy or facility puppy prospect. 

QUESTION:  Do you start the puppies on potty training?

ANSWER: Our puppies are transitioned to a pen with a pellet potty area around four weeks of age. They learn to distinguish their sleeping area from their pellet potty area over time. Depending on the weather, they may also go outside for small breaks during the day to go potty. Puppies cannot hold their bladders for very long, so they will need to follow a strict potty schedule to begin house training when you bring them home.

QUESTION:  Are the puppies crate trained?

ANSWER: Our puppies are not crate trained, but will be exposed to crates. They will be used to spending small amounts of time in a crate by the time they leave for their new homes. We encourage using a crate with your puppy from the time you first bring them home. Learning to safely and calmly rest in a crate will be a huge benefit when your dog needs to spend time at the veterinarian or groomer.

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